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EVA Foam Yoga Block

$33.32 $24.99
  • ●Durable Quality: block yoga pants are soft, non-adhesive, scratch-resistant, heavy yoga blocks EVA foam that is durable but flexible for the ultimate result.
  • ●STABILITY: Align your body correctly or create stability in a variety of poses. Use blocks individually or stack them together. The modular design of the grip yoga blocks allows them to be placed vertically, horizontally or sideways, and the EVA Foam yoga block quickly creates a range of additional heights and supports
  • ●SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF MOVEMENTS: The yoga block is large enough to stretch well and sit comfortably in meditation practice. The mint yoga blocks are used under the hands, feet or seats. The flat yoga block ensures proper alignment and safety. Help deepen the stretch.
  • ●MODIFY & ALIGN: The firm yoga blocks are used under your hands, feet or seats (meditation) to ensure that the huge yoga blocks are properly aligned to safely support and modify the posture to suit your level of flexibility.
  • ●EASY TO CLEAN: This EVA Foam yoga blocks are easy to clean, wash away with a little soap or detergent,wipe with a gentle towel or air dry, hard yoga block to prevent moisture growth!