Reusable And Washable Produce Bags Another Ideal Shop Online 12pcs
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Reusable And Washable Produce Bags

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  • COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT PRODUCE BAGS: This reusable produce bags are completely transparent for airflow and visibility. They are sheer enough for the barcodes to run through them, enabling you to swiftly pass through checkout with your purchases. No need to waste time double handling your produce when you get home from the market, simply wash the produce in the bag, allow to dry, put away and enjoy an organized fridge.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Take the net produce bags to the grocery with you to hold loose food items such as fruits, vegetables, candies, nuts, pasta, beans and snack mixes. The mesh bags can also be used in the garden and even for non-food items as well such as toys, laundry, beach items, toiletry, gym accessories, makeup, arts n crafts and so much more.
  • UNCOMPROMISING STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: The bags are double-stitched on the sides (not on the bottom) for increased strength and support. Despite the bags being ultra-thin and transparent, they are incredibly durable and will never tear or fall apart. The drawstring is durable and strong and comes with a secure white lock to keep contents secure. It is perfectly sized so it doesn’t get tangled when pulled tight.
  • BETTER FOR YOUR PRODUCE & FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The reusable produce bags are BPA, mercury and lead-free for organic lifestyle and optimal health. You can now shop without clogging landfills and waterways with plastic bags and containers. our Reusable produce  bags help pave the way for the future with environmental awareness and better care for your produce.
  • COLOR-CODED AND LABELED WITH OUNCES, POUNDS & GRAMS: Each re-usable produce bag is color-coded for perfect identification and organization. The bold labels show the tare weight in ounces, pounds, and grams and proudly sport the brand name. We included 4 small bags (12’’x8’’), 10 medium bags (12’’x14’’) and 4 large bags (12’’x17’’)