Pedal Resistance Bands

$43.42 $32.49

This pedal resistance band handles are made from NBR, the pedals are made from foam as well as the tubes are made from elastic TPE. They are safe with safety and also environmental protection. Gives protecting as a result of climate modification or excessive warmth, wetness, slippage, and extremely comfortable.

This products can train your arms, shoulders, breast, back, legs. It is an important yoga tools for both men and women. It is the best ideal choice for improve fitness and weight loss.

This pedal resistance band features 4 traction rope have excellent tensile strength and good elasticity. The handle is soft, adsorbs sweat and non-slips.

You can use this products at any places, house, hotel spaces, workplaces and even outdoors. it's extremely easy to carry and also a little portable fitness centre. Perfect home-based toughness training