2-in-1 Automatic Water Dispenser Feeder

$53.32 $39.99

2-in-1 feeder pet bowl design with automatic water bowl, it will automatically re-inject the water into the culture dish, keep the water full and clean whether you are at home or not.

 Stainless steel bowl, made of high quality stainless steel, can be cleaned or wiped after use; high quality plastic bottle and water bowl, safe and environmentally friendly; ABS resin chassis, ABS resin is more durable than ordinary ABS damage, more durable than ABS. The plastic bottom is designed to better prevent the pet bowl from tilting and sliding.

 Removable white plastic sheets keep your pet away from wet mouths while drinking water. Your little pet will like this gift, try setting up your baby cat or dog. Special water and food bowls.

 Our pet bowl water bottles are replaceable and are suitable for any 28 mm diameter drinking bottle on the market.

 This pet bowl is suitable for medium-sized dogs, cats, kittens and other small pets to make feeding easier. This is a great choice for pet feeding.



Size(base):31cm/12.2" x 15cm/5.91" x 6cm/2.36"
Capacity(food bowl):14cm/5.51" x 4cm1.57"