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Avocado Hugger

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We all know avocados aren't cheap! That's why it is important to keep avocados fresh as long as you can. These Avocado Huggers are uniquely designed to seal avocados you haven't used up yet.

Its silicone covers flex and folds over the avocado creating an air-tight seal. This is a superior replacement over zip-top bags. Simply use Buenomaison's 3-in-1 slicer to cut your avocado in half and press the other half into the avocado saver to seal it. Protect your avocadoes with the uniquely functional avocado hugger 

Key Benefits:

  • Prevents avocados from browning
  • Ideal for keeping leftover avocado halves fresh
  • Easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe
  • The silicone avocado hugger is 100% phthalate and BPA free