Bed Sheet Fasteners

$35.00 $17.51

Do you have trouble keeping your bed sheets tucked under your bed? Does all your rolling around create messy bed issues? Never worry about those things again! With our 4 piece adjustable bed sheet fasteners, s. With the adjustable loop feature, this accessory is sure to fit onto most beds and bed sheets. Each clip is tipped with a duckbill design, ensuring that your precious bed sheets are secured with care!

Our bed sheet fasteners are made of quality chrome metal with plastic grippers for a firm grip. These bed sheet keepers will protect your different types of bed sheets, including fitted sheets, flat sheets and mattress pads, from tearing. Enhance your sleeping experience, no more loose-sheets in the midnight!

 As we known, triangle is more stable than any other shapes. The 3-way triangle design is more effective than the 2-clips one. Our fitted bed sheet holders have built-in plastic clenching system which will grip your bed sheets firmly. No more fixing sheets.

Simply secure the 2 bed sheet fasteners’ clips at the opposite end to any corner of your mattress sheet. Then secure the third clips to sheet’s corner. Then, repeat to the rest corners. Avoid the hassle of lifting heavy mattresses up or flipping it around! Ladies can fix it easily!

With the elastic straps, our bed sheet fastener allow desired tension and fit all edge of mattress sheet sizes including: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King.

Our Bed Sheet Fasteners fit with various sheets, it could be used on bed sheets, hospital bed, sofa cushion, mattress pads, tablecloth covers, chair/boat/car/motorcycle seat covers, ironing board covers and more. The sheet holder strips can make all the sheets stay in place for a long time and keep they always looking great.


Materials: Metal Clips & Nylon Straps